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The Facebook Search Bar – Facebook Search Engine | Facebook Search Tool


The Facebook search bar is a very useful tool that enables Facebook users to access Facebook features easily.

The search bar doesn’t just help with searching for people whose profile you want to go over or people you may even want to be friends with but makes provision to allow you to search for Facebook features or tools if you find it difficult navigating where these tools or features reside.

The search bar is the long horizontal tab found at the top of your Facebook homepage or news feed. Wherever you are on Facebook, the search bar is always there to make navigation easy.

Finding People with the Facebook Search Bar

The search bar on Facebook allows you to search for Facebook users that are far from or near you. Once you enter a person’s name and hit the search icon (represented by a lens), the results of all Facebook registered users bearing that same name will appear.

To identify the actual person you conducted the search to find, you might have to go through the different profile pictures being displayed.

But, this is not all the search bar that can be used to search.

Finding Features/Tools using the Search Bar on Facebook

If there’s any feature/tool you’d want to use but simply can’t navigate to it, you can always search for it in the search bar.

There’s more. You can easily use this search bar to search for anything on Facebook apart from a friend. You can use it to search for a page and also groups, including a post on a timeline.

Is Facebook Search Free?

As handy as this tool is, it is totally free to use. It is also available to all Facebook users, unlike some of the other features only available in certain regions and users of a particular age range.


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