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Facebook Weather – How to Set Up Facebook Weather for Use

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Facebook Weather – How to Set Up Facebook Weather for Use

Facebook ensures that their company is still on top as they bring out more features allowing their platform to grow continuously. Recently Facebook brought out a new useful tool Facebook weather that puts a full weather forecast in its desktop site and mobile app.

This feature can be accessed from the mobile app menu or the news feed.  This Facebook weather feature gives a five-day forecast also with personalized notifications and options.

On some occasions, you may have stumbled upon the limited weather data in other sections on Facebook. Like events pages, places etc.

However, this information is restricted to a one-word forecast summary.  But this new feature (Facebook weather) that Facebook just offered is a complete weather tool that is automatically set to your current location.

This weather tool gives an hourly forecast for the day with highs and lows concerning temperature and also a five-day forecast as I mentioned earlier with alike information.

This new update (Facebook weather) is one of Facebook’s efforts to show people messages which are important at the top of the news feed together with reminders of holidays and also events. Facebook would also show whether messages on the news feed included links to complete a five-day forecast. But if you want to rely on Facebook to stay up to date on the recent reports on the weather. Follow the given steps to find it on your account.

How to Set Up Facebook Weather for Use

  • Open your Facebook app on your mobile device or follow this link facebook.com
  • Enter your login details
  • Click on the menu icon at the top right corner of the page
  • Scroll down to the Apps section and click on the see more or see all option
  • Select weather in the list of options
  • There, you can customize the city of your weather forecast. Change Celsius and Fahrenheit by opening the settings gear at the top of the page.


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