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How to Enable Facebook Dating | Facebook Dating – Facebook Dating Feature – Free Facebook Dating Online

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Facebook Dating Feature – Free Facebook Dating Online | How to Enable Facebook Dating | Facebook Dating – Facebook Dating Feature – Facebook is a very popular social media platform that is well known for the vast services and features it offers, it is also well known because it charges so little for the few services and features that are paid for. A lot of things can be done on Facebook like buying and selling on the Facebook marketplace or Facebook buying and selling, advertising with the help of Facebook ads Manager, you can play games on Facebook too, Facebook can also be used as a dating site via Facebook dating feature or Facebook groups.

The Facebook dating feature is one of the newest Facebook updates, though, it is not available in some countries at the moment. If you want to use Facebook as a dating platform and the Facebook dating feature is not available in your region, you can search for groups to find singles. They are a lot of groups on Facebook to find dates. FB dating feature is like most dating websites but it is unique in its own way as it has better privacy and security settings and the dating feature is completely free, unlike most dating sites and apps.

With the Facebook dating feature, there is a tool called secret crush, the secret crush tool allows you to select nine of your friends you have a crush on, though Facebook will notify them that someone is crushing on them but Facebook will never reveal the personal identity. The only situation where you can know who is crushing on you is if you eventually have a crush on that person too. One of the best parts of the Facebook dating feature is if you that whatever happens within Facebook dating remains there always, it will not be shared with your friends or posted on your profile or newsfeed.

If you want to use the Facebook dating feature, no special login or sign is required, all you need is your Facebook account and a few more steps to activate the feature. Everything you do on the Facebook dating features can remain that way, unknown to the public, in case you feel embarrassed by people coming into your private affairs. But if you do not care you can share it with your main Facebook profile.

Active Facebook Dating Feature

Since the release of the Facebook dating feature, a lot of Facebook users from different corners of the world want to turn on this feature but do not know-how. If you are under that category then you are in the right place. Read on to know how to activate the FB dating feature.

  1. Ensure your device has an active internet connection.
  2. Log in to your Facebook account.
  3. Go to your profile.
  4. Click on the red heart icon.

That’s all! The Facebook dating feature is activated. Sometimes you will not need to go through this process, once logged in to your account, a prompt will be displayed at the top of your screen, just click on learn moreΒ to activate.


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