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How to Manage Your Own Restricted List


Have you ever wondered how to check out your restricted list on Facebook?

If you have, then this post has been designed for you. This article will explain to you How to Manage Your Own Restricted List

Question: I just updated my Facebook but I cannot find the restricted list.

Answer: It’s in your Friends Lists and in your Blocking Settings. Putting someone on the Restricted list means that you’re still friends, but that you only share your posts with them when you choose Public as the audience, or when you tag them in the post.



There are two ways you can view your blocked list on your mobile application:

Action 1

On your Facebook app, tap on the menu button (☰)

Tap on “Account Settings” (for iPhone users tap on “Settings”)

Tap on “Blocking”

Action 2

  • Tap on the menu button (☰)
  • Tap on “Privacy shortcuts”
  • Scroll down and tap on “How do I stop someone from bothering me?”
  • On the drop-down menu, tap on “Blocked users”


  • Click in the top right of any Facebook page
  • Click “Privacy Shortcuts”
  • Click “How do I stop someone from bothering me?”
  • Click “View All Blocked Users”.

Can I block and Unblock someone bothering me on Facebook?

In this latest article of blocking people who derive pleasure in bothering other Facebook users, we will see how to effectively block them from seeing our FB timeline or see our posts and updates.

Do you want to find out how I once unblocked a Facebook friend who kept on bothering me? In this article, you’ll also find out how to unblock your Facebook friends in less than no time and at the same time see how to block those who are pissing you off on FB.

Unblocking Facebook friends is the best way to get your blocked friends to chat and comment and like your Facebook updates, it’s one of the tricks you can get to play around with on Facebook to get the best out of Facebook.

When you Unblock someone on Facebook, they will be able to see your post shared with Public. One thing with unblocking is that after you’ve unblocked someone, The person is not automatically added to your friends’ list once again. So, in order to become friends with the person you unblocked, you will have to send them a friends Request Again.

Facebook is fun with more unblocked friends so let us get started to unblock your friends so you can also fit into this whole fun thing.

If you ever decide to block them again, then, you will have to wait for 48 hours again before you can proceed.

In the article, we also explain how to block anyone bothering you on Facebook.

Let’s see how you or anyone can block someone who was initially in the blocked list!!!

How to Unblock A Blocked Facebook User On Android Phone

When you unblock someone, that person will be able to see your posts on Facebook that you share with the public.

The person won’t automatically become your friend on Facebook. If you want to become friends with a person who you’ve unblocked, you’ll need to send them a friend request.

How To unblock someone Through Your PC

  • Click in the top right of any Facebook page
  • Click Privacy Shortcuts
  • Click How do I stop someone from bothering me?
  • Click View All Blocked Users.
  • Click Unblock next to the name of the person you want to unblock.

What is blocking and how do I block annoying Facebook Friends?

When you block a Facebook friend or an external stalker they will no longer be able to do things such as tag you or see things you post on your Timeline. If you’re friends, blocking them will also unfriend them.

How to block friends or people who are bothering you on Facebook

  1. Click at the top right of any Facebook page.
  2. Click Privacy Shortcuts
  3. Click How do I stop someone from bothering me?
  4. Enter the name of the person you want to block and click Block
  5. Select the specific person you want to block from the list that appears and click Block again

Important: Facebook friends will not be notified when you block them, pretty cool right?

If you can’t find someone using this method, try going to the person’s profile and selecting Block from the menu on their cover photo directly.

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