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Yahoo – Yahoo Features – www.Yahoo.com


The word “yahoo” is an acronym for yet another hierarchically organized Oracle. It is an internet doorway that is part of a search engine and also works as website listing of the World Wide Web sites. As a website lister, it provides both new and the seasoned web users the assurance of an arranged view if thousands of websites and web pages.

This service also provides and gives out the best ways to search the web search sites for a given topic.

This online portal website was also created to be combined with a great quantity of information ranging from entertainment, finance, news and others you could think of. Users are able to customize and modify homepages, check emails and search the World Wide Web.

Yahoo was founded in 1994 by jerry and David Filo and has grown to be one of the biggest and most visited sites in the world. Yahoo is one of the internet’s leading search engines. It is also the largest web portal providing links to thousands of other websites.

And you know what? Apart from being a search engine and a portal, it offers different and several other services as well.

Yahoo – Yahoo Features

Yahoo finance – consists of financial information’s.

Games – online games playable over the internet.

Shopping – online retail and price services.

Message – Instant messaging.

Groups – planned and arranged discussions among the internet users.

Mail – free web-based e-mail.

Yahoo finance

It would surprise you to know that finance is also part of the Yahoo community but surprisingly it is! The finance platform provides finance news, finance information, finance data, finance reports and every other.

Note: it also offers and provides online resources to manage your personal finance.


yahoo users can be able to play games online either with other users or just by themselves. This game feature also includes video games and the platform contains about 1,400 games. But you should be aware that in some games you might be asked to sign in with your ID and password (not in all games though).


Yahoo has created a shopping avenue that enables you to upload and advertise your products online and it even gives you room to create an online store! Wow! You can also use yahoo’s available tools and resources to search for customers, clients and expand your enterprise and business.


the feature is the location where users are able to send emails and also receive emails. The only supported devices for this messenger feature are Android devices, IOS devices, and the web browser. Mind you, this messenger feature allows and permits private messages.

Messenger also offered file sharing abilities to its users. Only certain media files could be shared on this platform. They include: photos, videos, GIFs and it also permits album sharing


would you believe that yahoo group is one of the largest platforms for discussion? Well, yes it is. These messages from the yahoo groups could be posted and read by e-mail but you could still choose to operate the messages on the group’s webpage.


This mail feature is an e-mail service. It is also among the most popular, used and visited email services.

So dear readers use yahoo today and get the best out it!


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