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Over the years Facebook has evolved from an ordinary social media platform meant for chatting to a whole new trend. Facebook, however, boasts a whopping amount of over a billion active user’s week in week out. There are a lot of reasons for this much traffic though.

With Facebook almost everything you want to do and accomplish online is possible. You can connect with someone across the globe on Facebook, isn’t it wonderful? With Facebook, a lot of business practitioners and young entrepreneurs have been able to establish and promote their businesses online. This and a lot more other cool things one can do with Facebook.

One of the main reasons for its worldwide fame and popularity is its interesting and exciting features. I would have loved to write about the various features of the Facebook platform, but I won’t, maybe some other time. I will be writing about the Facebook search bar feature rather in this article today. The Facebook search bar is more like a guide. It helps Facebook users easily navigate themselves around the Facebook platform since the platform is a huge one.  This Facebook feature allows users to type in search queries most search engines like Google and others do.

Making use of this feature saves time and resources. Instead of looking through your find friends options to look for certain friends, it is wiser and easier to type in the name of the friend in the search bar. Not only the names of people can be entered into the Facebook search bar. Names of places, groups, pages and a lot more can also be entered into the search bar.

How to Find and Make Use of the Facebook Search Bar

Finding and making use of the Facebook search bar is easy and quite straightforward. The Facebook search bar can be located at the top of any Facebook page be it a mobile device or a desktop PC. Finding the Facebook search bar is one thing, making use of it is another. The Facebook search bar is unique. This is because unlike other social media search bars it can be used to search for absolutely anything.

Once you locate the search bar all you have to do is type in your query in the box and then enter or OK. Though the Facebook search bar is simple, easy and unique it is not accessible to everybody. The Facebook search bar is only available to registered Facebook users. It is only available to those people who have a Facebook account. So therefore if you want to make use of this feature of the Facebook platform and you don’t have a Facebook account, create a new Facebook account today at the official Facebook website at www.facebook.com.


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