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Are you a Facebook user who has been faced with the problem of not being able to switch multiple Facebook accounts easily? Facebook has introduced a new feature. This feature is known as the Facebook account switcher. There are some users who think owning two Facebook accounts is an impossible thing to do.

Owning two separate Facebook accounts is very much possible. For those users who want to know how to switch between their Facebook accounts, this article is for you. All you have to do is to follow everything with keen interest I am going to write in this article. Facebook is a very popular social media site, if not the most populous social media site of its generation.

It is not such a bad idea if someone chooses to have more than one account on the platform. Come to think about it. Wouldn’t it be convenient to easily switch among accounts? Personally, I think that would be great. What would be better is switching of accounts without logging out.

Facebook Account Switcher – How to Switch Facebook Accounts

Switching Facebook accounts is free, easy, and accessible to all those making use of the Facebook platform. Let me simplify. Common sense will make us know that before anyone can switch between Facebook accounts he or she must have a Facebook account of his or her own. So therefore for anyone to make use of the Facebook account switcher feature he or she must have a Facebook account.

If you are not a registered user of the Facebook platform. I encourage you to become a registered user today. To register to the Facebook community or to create a Facebook account.  Visit the official Facebook website at www.acebook .com to sign up for free today. It is quite unfortunate as the switching of Facebook accounts without logging out feature can only be accessed through the web page on your desktop PC. To switch accounts on any mobile device you must first log out from the original account before you can log in another account.

 To Switch Between Facebook Accounts Follow These Simple Steps:

  1. After logging into your Facebook account.
  2. You will locate the account switcher icon in-between the quick help and notifications icon.
  3. Click on the account switcher icon.
  4. A pop-up page will show containing your other Facebook accounts.
  5. Click on the desired account you want to switch to.
  6. After clicking on the account you will have to enter your password details for security reasons.

Follow these steps and you will successfully switch between Facebook accounts without a hitch.


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