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Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notifications – How To Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notifications

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Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notifications – Facebook allows you reach out to people you may know, especially family, friends, colleagues and others. And it can be very fun chatting on the Facebook messenger app, sending and receiving messages.

But how do you feel when you are in an official meeting where everywhere is silent, and all of a sudden one of your Facebook friends sends in a message over the messenger, and it beeps with the usual Facebook messenger notifications sound.

This messenger notifications can be embarrassing sometimes, just imagine your Boss in the office is giving you an instruction or guide on how to tackle a pressing issue, and your phone starts beeping those sounds.

You know that feeling…..right? You feel embarrassed, you feel like you are seen as being unserious. But in any case, you do not have to worry, because in this article, I want to show you how to turn off Facebook messenger notifications.

This is one way you can mute messenger notifications without having to turn off your mobile phone. It is a very simple process.

And one good thing is that you can turn off Facebook messenger notifications for the whole general conversation, such that you wouldn’t get those notifications for any single messenger chat or message.

In the other way, you can also stop or mute messenger notifications for a single conversation, in this case, you stop Facebook messenger notifications for just a particular conversation (and not all the conversations).

Whichever is the case based on your situation or circumstances, you can always turn on the notifications again whenever you like after turning it off.

Having said, let us now look below on how you can turn off messenger notifications for both all conversations and a single conversation.

How To Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notifications For All Conversations

Follow these steps below to turn off or stop messenger notifications. It guides you mute notifications for all messages coming in to your Facebook messenger app;

1. From your phone menu, open the Facebook messenger app

2. Tap on the human icon, it is at the top right corner of the messenger page.

3. Scroll through the pop-up options, down to “Notifications & Sounds”, and then tap on it.

4. From the next pop-up options, tap on “Notification previews”

5. Tap on it to turn off Facebook messenger notifications for all conversations.

Mute Messenger Notifications For A Single Conversation

If you wish to turn off notifications for a single conversation, then follow these steps;

1. Open you Facebook messenger app.

2. Scroll to the particular message (chat) you wish to turn off its notifications.

3. Long-press on the conversation i.e you tap and hold the conversation to see options that will pop up.

4. From the pop up, tap on “mute notifications”

5. From within the next pop-up options, select the length or time duration you wish the notifications of the that conversation to stay mute.

6. Tap on OK, and that settles it all and the Facebook messenger app notifications is turned off for the selected time duration.


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