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Pinterest Chat – How to Access Pinterest Chat


As you all know before now, Pinterest or Pinterest chat is also a chatting platform for many businessmen and women, mostly for traders. That is those that are into buying and selling. Pinterest is a medium for you to communicate with a wide range of people. You would agree with me when I say Pinterest now has a large sum of users all over the world. Pinterest is very much like Facebook but the slight difference is that Pinterest deals much more on pictures and links. This means you can attract more people to your products with just the images of such products.

I love Pinterest because of how easy it is to use, now I can show you some easy steps for you to get Pinterest working for you but first, you must acquire a Pinterest account, and to own a Pinterest account you must own a Google account. Now for procedures to open a google account follow these steps;

How to Create a Google Account

  1. Make sure your device is connected to an internet connection provider.
  2. Locate the internet browser on your device or PC and hit it.
  3. Wait for the browser to load properly, and navigate to gmail.com or www.drive.google.com.
  4. Now any link you visit look for an icon that says “Create an account” click it
  5. A form will appear which says “First name, Last name, etc.” fill the form with the required data and click on the Next button located at the bottom right of the page.
  6. You’ll be asked to input a mobile number, make sure you fill in a mobile number you have access to because Google will send a verification code to that number, and ask you to verify.
  7. After the verification process, you’ll be redirected to your google account home page.

If you followed the above steps correctly, then your Google account is ready and you can now access Pinterest chat. You must know that you can only chat with people you follow or people that followed you.

Pinterest Chat – How to Access Pinterest Chat

  1. On your mobile browser navigate to pinterest.com.
  2. On the login page click on continue with google.
  3. Wait for some seconds and a page will be loaded asking you to fill in your Google account login details.
  4. Fill it and continue.
  5. You will now be on your Pinterest account, use the search bar to locate people and follow them.
  6. After following, click on the persons’ profile, and you would see an icon to send a message at the top right of the screen, click it.
  7. Input your message in the field and hit enter.


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