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How to Sign In to Google Photos – Google Photos


Do you have lots of photos, pictures, and videos you would like to have for life and be able to access them from anywhere in the world? If your answer is yes then you would love this amazing app. It’s an online website called google photos. Google Photos offers all Gmail account owners fifteen-gigabyte storage just to store photos and movies on the web. Which only you can see when searching through your google plus account.

The official app is available on the android app store, and the iOS app store respectively. Google photos official app is very easy to use. This is because it is just like taking any regular photo on your phone. It is also synced across all devices syncing your google account. Plus, videos and photos can be uploaded on your Google photos account directly from your PC or from the web.

So you see having a google account is not so worthless after all. You must be wondering now after reading all the benefits of having a google photos account, that how can you get access to it. You will be filled with that same knowledge very soon; all you have to do is to read this very article to the very end. You must have realized now that you cannot access this google feature without having a google account, to create a google account follow the procedure below;

How to Create a Google Account

  1. From your device locate your mobile browser and launch it.
  2. Wait some seconds for the browser to load and navigate to gmail.com.
  3. Now you would be on a where you would see an option “create an account” click on it.
  4. From now on input, the information you are required to fill and follow the steps that Google will take you through.
  5. After all the steps you’ll be logged in to your new google account on that device.

You should know now that by creating a Google account you already have a google photos account, and you can proceed to sign in and upload your photos.

How to Sign In to Google Photos

You can either sign in from the web or from the app on Android or iOS, to sign in from the web visit this link “photos.google.com” and sign in with your Google account.

To sign in from the app follow this procedure;

  1. On your device locate the app store and launch.
  2. Search for google photos and download.
  3. After downloading launch it.
  4. Next sign in to your google account.
  5. After that, all photos on your phone will now be saved to your google photos which you can also access on the web.


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