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How To Create A Facebook Group – Create Facebook Group In a Minute

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How To Create A Facebook Group – Facebook always aim at connecting its users through its community platform; And indeed, it is such a great place where people from all works of life connect and share ideas and other necessities.

One way through which Facebook has achieved this, is the Facebook group, which enables Facebook users of same real life interest and idea connect with one another.

With this, you can group your Facebook friends based on activity, interest, topic, and more. You can actually set up a Facebook group virtually for anything, including your sport team, tech tips, family reunion, your secondary school old boys etc. In the Facebook group, you can share idea, share interest, share photos, videos, make plans and achieve more with the group members.

If you are really looking for how to create a Facebook group, then let’s get started below;

How To Create A Facebook Group

Follow these steps below to set up a Facebook group;

1. Sign in your Facebook account

2. Right from your Facebook home page, click on “Groups” section on the left side of the menu list.

At this point, Facebook groups page will be opened right on your screen.

3. Click on “+Create Group” – This is located at the upper right corner side of the screen.

At this point, you will see “Create New Group” pop up which appears right on your screen.

4. Now choose your group’s goal from the group goal list. And click on it.

5. You will be shown another pop up, from which you have to Name your group. At this point, name your group by writing the group name.

Adding Facebook Users (People) To Your Facebook Group

Now that we have succeeded in getting to this point on how to create a Facebook group, next thing is adding Facebook users or people to the group you have created.

Right on the same page, after naming you group, start adding some people.

6. Simply add some people to the group by typing their Facebook name in the box. (While you type the name, Facebook automatically makes suggestion for you, regarding the Facebook friend name you are typing.

Choosing Facebook Privacy Settings For Your Group

As soon as you have finished creating or setting up the new Facebook group, and adding some people, there is every need to set choose what Privacy setting you need for your newly created Facebook group.

In choosing a Facebook privacy setting, you have three options (Public, Closed, Secret) from which you have to choose one of the options.

8. After you choose the Facebook privacy setting for the group, simply click the “Create” button.

9. Right here now, Facebook will provide you with the options of choosing a graphic for your Facebook group icon. Simply select from the array of the creative graphic options. And click “OK”. If you do not want this, you simply click on “Skip” to skip it.

And now you are set and done creating your Facebook group.

Editing Your Facebook Group Settings

Having created your Facebook group, you can always edit the group settings depending on what you want. To do this, (i.e to edit any Facebook group privacy setting), follow this guide;

1. Go to your Facebook group and click on the 3 dots, which is at the top right corner of the group page.

2. Click on “Edit group settings” option and you will see list of options you can choose to edit depending on what you want to achieve.
Options include;

  • Group Name
  • Group Type
  • Privacy
  • Membership Approval
  • Web And Email Address
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Posting Permissions
  • Post Approval

Simply edit any one of your choice, and click the “Save” button to successfully save the edited privacy.


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