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How to Access the Yahoo Search Feature – Yahoo Search


Yahoo search is an internet search engine that was created and owned by Yahoo. It is one of the internet’s leading search engines.

Presently it is the third-largest search engine in the US. It is also the largest web portal doorway that provides links to millions of other websites.

This search engine helps you find and get the exact information you are searching for. With yahoo search, you can find the most relevant and important information you need, videos, news and headlines, documents, contents and even names you need to search for. News, email, and search are just the very beginning, discover more every day.

In our daily life, we can be able to manage more of our lives right from our mobile devices and certainly “search” Is definitely up to the task.

With yahoo search, you can instantly see and read news and headlines, check what the weather condition will look like for the day, check economy/financial and stock quotes, find out who won the game last week and more all with your mobile device.

This search feature provides answers to many of your searches. Enter a person’s name, news, thing, the name of a business, celebrity news or any information you want to know about and yahoo search will definitely provide and make the answers available.

How to Access the Yahoo Search Feature

  1. Visit the Yahoo search website. Go to https://search.yahoo.com or yahoo.com
  2. You will find a search box, tap it and enter the items you want to find.

Note: try to be specific when entering the item you want to find. Make sure you enter the exact keyword. For example, you want to search for an online shopping and payment service, enter the particular name of the service like “PayPal”. It is relevant to be specific.

  1. Tap on the ‘search’ button to start your search.
  2. Go through the search results provided. Yahoo will deliver a list of related and relevant articles and contents that match the keyword you entered or typed in the search box.

These are the ways to make use of the yahoo search engine. Use the yahoo search today and see what awaits you! Be informed on every single and detailed information you need to get.

This Yahoo feature is the ultimate place to find and get what you want. Yahoo does it better!


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