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Facebook Reminders – How to Set Facebook Reminders


Facebook Reminders – How to Set Facebook Reminders
For the growth of their social networking platform, Facebook is continuously adding new features to the platform. These features are added so that their platform can be effective and also for users so that they can enjoy using social media continuously.  It is recorded that Facebook has over a billion active users every month. And for them to retain this much users they ensure that they bring out more features that will be of great use to their users. The ability to set reminders (Facebook Reminders) with Facebook messenger is one of the features that have been useful.

Facebook messenger has been a great use for group communication with over millions of users. Facebook messenger allows you connect to your families and friends and also allows you send videos, links, pictures, stickers etc. when discussing an event on Facebook messenger, you can create a reminder (Facebook Reminders) directly from your conversation so that you will not forget about the event. This feature Facebook Reminders has been useful because it can instantaneously send a reminder to everyone included in the event. The following are steps on how you can set Facebook reminders

How to Set Facebook Reminders

Users are to note that you can only set Facebook Reminders through Facebook messenger. And for them to get an accurate result you need to follow these steps given below correctly

  • Open your Facebook messenger
  • Choose the conversation for which you want to set the reminder
  • For android users, click on the “I” icon which is located at the top right corner of the conversation screen. But for IOS users click on their names at the top of the screen to see the settings of the chat
  • On the drop down list that is given, click on the set an event reminder button
  • Set the date and time of the reminder in the window that pop up
  • Click on the ok button to create it
  • Click on the reminders date so that you can set the name and the location of the event if you feel like it
  • And instantly you have set a reminder and for every change that you make the other users will be notified.


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