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Facebook Group – How to Create Group on Facebook

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Facebook Group is an arena for group communication, this group is also created for users to come and share their corporate benefits and also give their opinion on so many issues. Users normally come together for a specific reason, activity to bring up, discuss issues, share contents, share photos and so many more. Every User are given the chance to open and also manage their group, it is very easy to access and easy to open. Users are also given the chance to join so many groups as they want, they can join hundreds or thousands of groups.  Here are some things users need to know about Facebook groups

  • All Facebook users are given the chance to open a group on Facebook
  • Some Facebook Group are public allowing anyone to join while some are private where they are limits of those that are going to join
  • Groups can be deleted when all members are removed
  • Users can post videos, pictures, make events and also share files on a group
  • If a user leaves a group the rest users may not know
  • Groups can be in secret enabling it to be hard to find. Before you can be in the group the leader has to invite you
  • Only the group leader and admin can add people in the group

Types of Facebook Group

There are three types of the Facebook group namely;

  • Secret group; in this type of group only members of the group can see its contents. Those that are not members won’t even know that the group exists
  • Open group; in this group, anyone can see the members and also the posts of the groups
  • Closed group; in this group, anybody can also view the group and its members but they cannot view the group posts.

Steps on how to create a Facebook Group

To create a Facebook Group, follow the steps below

  • Click on the down arrow at the top right corner of the page
  • Click on the create group icon
  • Enter the preferred name of your group
  • Add members you want in the group
  • Choose the privacy settings you want for your group
  • Click on the icon create

Steps on how to Join a Facebook Group

Joining a Facebook Group is very easy, if you want to join a group all you have to do is

  • Click on the down arrow at the top right corner of the page
  • Click on this sign +
  • Depending on the group settings, if it is private you will have to get a recommendation from the admin before you can be added. Users sometimes have to answer some questions given by the admin before you can join the group. But if it is open you have no worries, when you click on that sign you get added up quickly

Create a group and enjoy the fun continuously


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