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How to Fully Delete Facebook Account

How to Fully Delete Facebook Account: The widespread news about Facebook was your primary motive of joining the platform, and upon joining, you were not disappointed as you enjoyed virtually every moment spent on the platform, but as the saying goes, “Everything ultimately comes to an end.” Now the endless scrolling through the News Feed, the continuous update on your timeline, notifications that disturb your busy times now seems annoying, and you have chosen to avoid visiting the platform on your device,. Still, the memory keeps coming and the groups that are just too much on your profile that you don’t even know why you joined in the first place.


Now you feel how little your life has changed over the years on the platform. To cut the long story short, the final decision is that you want to delete Facebook from your life. Well, it’s a big decision to arrive at, but we will help you to Fully Delete Facebook Account forever.

Before we usher you into the free times after you’ve deleted your account, we will love to inform you that you can choose to deactivate or delete your account, disabling is relatively easy and painless. If our account is deactivated, your Timeline and other info will disappear from Facebook, but only for the period of deactivation until you reactivate your account, meaning all your, data will remain stored somewhere on Facebook’s servers. But deleting Facebook means you can never reaccess your account or retrieve any of your content or data, meaning your account is gone forever, So since you are bent on deleting your account permanently let’s discuss how to go about this.

How to Fully Delete Facebook Account

You are about to delete your Facebook account permanently, but before you do, do you mind backing up your data? Well, let’s make a quick stop for those interested in backing up their Facebook data.How to Back up your Facebook data
To back up your data, do the following:

  1. From your Facebook profile, open Facebook settings
  2. Then click on Your Facebook Information
  3. Click on Download Your Information where you’ll be able to choose the date range, the types of data you’d like to backup, and the quality to download for media files

Now it’s time to delete and say bye-bye to Facebook. First, you need to remove all third-party apps and apps granted permission on Facebook because these apps might be a hindrance to deleting your Facebook.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

It’s finally bu-bye to Facebook. The option to delete your Facebook account is located in Facebook’s Settings, follow these steps

  • From your Profile, click on the Settings option and select “General.”
  • In the General Alternative, choose “Delete Your Account and Information.”

Alternatively, you can use this direct link www.facebook.com/help/delete_account and click on Delete my account.
The Last thing to do now, is to wait for at least 90 days for the account deletion process to be completed because if you sign in during this time interval, you risk stopping the account deletion process that is why you need to remove permissions given to third-party apps as instructed above. After this time interval, your Facebook account is permanently deleted, and you are free from Facebook.

I hope this guide was helpful in Fully Deleting your Facebook account.


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