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God is Good Motors Price List, Route and Terminals

God is Good Motors Price List route and terminals for online bookings. The GIGM online booking has been made available for travelers who wish to travel with God is Good Motors.
God is Good Motors online booking
is one of the fastest and easiest ways you can purchase your ticket to any part of the country of your choice in the comfort of your home or office without any hassles. In this article, we will share  with you everything that you ought to have known about God is
Good Motors and its online booking website.
It is very innovative to see a transport company in Nigeria willing to invest in developing an online customer booking site for her numerous esteemed users.  God is Good motors is one of those who have made an exception and have caught everyone by surprise to have
created such a beautiful and user-friendly website for travelers to easily book online and avoid the waste of time that comes as a result of queuing to buy tickets. The online booking site “God is Good Motors Online Booking site” allows potential passengers to visit their online booking portal to register and get tickets.

God is Good Motors Price List

Usually, you can decide to book your travel seats or ticket within two days before the date you wish to travel. What this means is that you can book your seat today against tomorrow’s travel and pay online. With this option, there is no stress or worries attached to making the payment; all you need to do is book your ticket and ensure to get to the terminal on time even before the departure time.

Well, if you happen to miss your bus, there is no worry because that can be sorted out, but you need to be there on time to be on a safer side.

What else should I know about God is Good Motors (GIGM)?

God is Good motors is now a household name when it comes to transportation and is known for incredible
services, skilled drivers, Good vehicles (Buses) condition, and a fantastic customer care service. God is Good motors is in abbreviation called GIGM; the GIGM is part of a
Group called GIG Group. The information has it that GIGM was established in 1998, and the Head Office was in Edo State, Nigeria. God is Good motors currently have at least one branch each in the 36 states of the country.

Statistics has it that God is Good Motors have over 500 buses in good shape and condition and currently transports over 7,000 passengers daily. This is a significant figure, and it’s not surprising as GIGM has become an authority in the transportation sector, this wouldn’t have been possible without the excellent representation they’ve been portraying.


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God Is Good Motors Online Ticket Booking

The rate at which our world is fast-changing is quite applaudable; God is Good Motors are not dulling with digital marketing as they have incorporated online marketing strategies into the conventional offline system.
This new invention has led to the new God is Good online booking portal, if you wish to book your ticket online via God is Good motors, click here to proceed GIGM Booking portal.


How do I Book God is Good Motors for my next travel?

When you visit God is Good motors online booking site, you are presented with options to book your seat by filling the essential details which may include information such as:

  • Your current location, i.e. your Departure Terminal
  • Your Destination terminal. 

When your done selecting your current location and your arrival terminal, choose the date you wish to travel with God is Good motors. On this note, please make sure you select the correct date and time to avoid errors while filling the information.

Next, fill the number of individuals such as adults and Kids who you wish to travel with. If you are going alone, choose one adult, and then proceed to hit on the “BOOK Now” button.

God is Good Motors Online Booking Site
will automatically search their bus database to see the buses that are
available for the specific location you have chosen and present you with the Price list, the Vehicle, and the Booked Seats.

The green color of the seat means that the seat position is booked, choose a seat without the green color to book that particular seat. On tapping on the seat location, you wish to book, notice that the color will change to green. Now click on the “Continue” button to proceed.

When you click to continue, you will be asked to Sign In to the God is Good Motors
online booking
site or continue without signing up for an account.

When you sign up for the GIGM account, you stand a chance to get some cool offers. So, we’ll advise you to sign up to enjoy these offers.

Your payment details, such as your ATM card, should be readily available because payment is usually made online as well.

The process described above is for those who wish to use the God is Good motors website to book for the seat. If you want to use the GIGM mobile app, first, you will have to download and install it on your Android or iOS device.

God is Good Motors

Click links below to start download God is Good motors app.

  • Download GIGM Android App
  • Download GIGM iOS App


God is Good Motors Prices, Routes And Terminals

Below were the prices of God is Good Motors as at the time of
writing this post, please kindly note that there might be price changes at any time
due to the current state of the economy and other factors that affect
transportation in general.

Lagos Price List And Routes

LAGOS => FCT ABUJA-Utako = ₦6,840.00
LAGOS => IMO-Owerri = ₦5,795.00
LAGOS => RIVERS-Port Harcourt = ₦5,795.00
LAGOS => DELTA-Asaba (Onitsha) = ₦5,035.00
LAGOS => ENUGU-Enugu = ₦5,510.00
LAGOS => DELTA-Warri = ₦4,560.00
LAGOS => BAYELSA-Yenagoa = ₦5,130.00
LAGOS => EDO-Auchi = ₦4,370.00
LAGOS => EDO-Uselu = ₦3,705.00
LAGOS => ABIA-Umuahia = ₦6,840.00
LAGOS => ABIA-Aba = ₦6,270.00
LAGOS => AKWA IBOM-Uyo = ₦6,840.00
LAGOS => KADUNA-Kaduna = ₦6,270.00


Lagos State Terminals

Festac Terminal

Festac Gate Bus Stop.
[email protected]

Ajah Terminal

Near Police station in Ajiwe Ajah.
[email protected]

Ikotun Terminal

29, Ikotun Road, Opposite Ikotun LG, Ikotun Bus-Stop. Lagos State.
[email protected]

Jibowu Terminal

20 Ikorodu Express Road, Jibowu, Lagos.
[email protected]

Iyana-Ipaja Terminal

164, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Beside Diamond Bank, Lagos.
[email protected]

Volkswagen Terminal

Volkswagen Bus Stop.
[email protected]

Oyingbo Terminal

25 Otto causeway, opposite Iddo bus stop. Iddo, Ebute Meta. Lagos.
[email protected]

Yaba (Central Park) Terminal

Yaba Central Park, Opp. Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos.
[email protected] 


Edo Routes and Price List

EDO => LAGOS = ₦4,655.00
EDO => EDO-Auchi = ₦950.00
EDO => RIVERS-Port Harcourt =  ₦4,085.00
EDO => ENUGU-Enugu = ₦3,230.00
EDO => FCT ABUJA-Utako =  ₦6,555.00
EDO => AKWA IBOM-Uyo = ₦4,085.00

Edo Bus Terminals

Auchi Terminal

Auchi-Okene express way, by old staff Quarters, Auchi Poly.
[email protected]

Benin-Head Office

202B Uselu Lagos Road, Near Ediaken Market, Benin City, Edo State
[email protected]

Benin- Central Terminal

12 Akpakpava Road by First Junction,Benin City,Edo State
[email protected]

Ekpoma Office

Benin Auchi road, Ekpoma,Opposite grail center.
[email protected]

Enugu Price List And Routes

ENUGU-Enugu => KADUNA-Kaduna = ₦7,030.00
ENUGU-Enugu => LAGOS-Iyana Ipaja = ₦6,080.00
ENUGU-Enugu => FCT ABUJA-Utako = ₦6,080.00
ENUGU-Enugu => EDO-Akpakpava = ₦3,230.00


Enugu Bus Terminals

Enugu Terminal

7, Market Road,Opposite State Library,Holy Ghost Park,Ogui,Enugu State.

[email protected]

Abuja Price Lists And Routes

FCT, ABUJA => IMO-Owerri = ₦7,220.00
FCT, ABUJA => RIVERS-Port Harcourt = ₦8,265.00
FCT, ABUJA => BAYELSA-Yenagoa = ₦7,790.00
FCT, ABUJA => LAGOS = ₦8,265.00
FCT, ABUJA => ENUGU-Enugu = ₦6,175.00
FCT, ABUJA => DELTA-Asaba (Onitsha) = ₦6,555.00
FCT, ABUJA => EDO-Uselu = ₦6,080.00
FCT, ABUJA => DELTA-Warri = ₦7,505.00
FCT, ABUJA => AKWA IBOM-Uyo = ₦7,315.00


GIGM Terminals – Abuja

Zuba Terminal

Market Space 206, Zuba Market Abuja.
[email protected]

Mararaba Terminal

Abuja Keffi road, by Abacha road junction, via nyanya-mararaba. opp. Chrisgold plaza or Oando filling station. Abuja.
[email protected]

Kubwa Terminal

Block 43, Gado Nasko Way, Opposite 2/2 Court, Kubwa, Abuja.
[email protected]

Utako Terminal

Plot 113, Utako District, FCT Abuja.
[email protected]

Delta Routes and Prices

DELTA => LAGOS-Ajah =  ₦5,700.00
DELTA => LAGOS = ₦4,750.00
DELTA => FCT ABUJA = ₦6,650.00
DELTA-Asaba (Onitsha) => KADUNA-Kaduna = ₦7,110.00

Delta Bus Terminals

Warri Terminal

138, Effurun Sapele Road, By Airport Junction, Effurun, Delta State.
[email protected]

Asaba Terminal

Asaba – Onisha Express way, by Head-Bridge.
[email protected]



Kaduna State Routes and Prices

KADUNA-Kaduna => LAGOS-Iyana Ipaja = ₦7,220.00
KADUNA-Kaduna => LAGOS-Jibowu = ₦7,220.00

Kaduna State Bus Terminal

Kaduna Terminal

Lagos garage, Mando, Kaduna.
[email protected]

Rivers State Routes and Prices

RIVERS-Port Harcourt => FCT ABUJA-Utako = ₦8,312.50
RIVERS-Port Harcourt => EDO-Akpakpava = ₦3,372.50
RIVERS-Port Harcourt => KADUNA-Kaduna = ₦8,312.50
RIVERS-Port Harcourt => LAGOS = ₦6,792.50

Rivers State Bus Terminals

Port-Harcourt Terminal

228 Aba Road By Bori Camp, Just after INEC Office, Port Harcourt, River State.
[email protected]


Warri Terminal

138, Effurun Sapele Road, By Airport Junction, Effurun, Delta State.
[email protected]

Asaba Terminal

Asaba – Onisha Expressway, by Head-Bridge.
[email protected]


IMO Routes and Prices

IMO  => FCT ABUJA = ₦6,650.00
IMO  => LAGOS = ₦5,700.00

IMO State Terminals

Owerri Terminal

31, Relief Road Junction, Off, Egbu Road, Owerri, Imo State
[email protected]

Bayelsa State Routes and Prices

BAYELSA-Yenagoa => LAGOS = ₦4,860.00
BAYELSA-Yenagoa => FCT ABUJA = ₦6,390.00
BAYELSA-Yenagoa => KADUNA = ₦6,840.00

Bayelsa State Bus Terminals

Bayelsa Terminal

Opposite Wema bank, Kpansia, by Inec Junction,Yenagoa
[email protected]

Akwa Ibom Routes and Prices

AKWA IBOM-Uyo => FCT ABUJA = ₦7,380.00
AKWA IBOM-Uyo => LAGOS = ₦6,840.00


Akwa Ibom Bus Terminals

Uyo Terminal

3, Monsignor Akpan Avenue, Itam Industrial Layout, Opposite Timber Market, Itam
[email protected]


Abia State Routes and Prices

ABIA => FCT ABUJA-Utako = ₦6,435.00
ABIA => LAGOS = ₦5,445.00
ABIA => LAGOS-Festac = ₦6,345.00
ABIA => DELTA-Asaba (Onitsha) = ₦2,025.00
ABIA => EDO-Akpakpava = ₦3,195.00
ABIA => KADUNA-Kaduna = ₦6,795.00

Abia State Bus Terminals

Umuahia Terminal

New Central Park, Ohia, Enugu-Port Harcourt Express Way. Umuahia, Abia State.
[email protected]

Aba Terminal

No 5, Asa road, Former Old Nitel Building, Aba.
[email protected]

Anambra State Routes and Prices

ANAMBRA-Awka => LAGOS = ₦4,860.00
ANAMBRA-Awka => FCT ABUJA = ₦4,860.00

Anambra State Bus Terminal

Awka Terminal

Elite shopping complex, opposite Crunchies Fries, Enugu/Onitsha Expressway, Awka, Anambra State
[email protected]


Bottom Line:

God is Good Motors is right for you as they consider your safety as their priority. The GIGM online booking is a useful invention, utilize it! The prices are subject to change due to changes in the economy, season, or change in the transportation system.

Wishing a pleasant travel experience with God is Good Motors.

Note: We were not paid to write this review; it is out of human compassion that we took out time to explain how to go about using the God is Good online booking website.


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