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Facebook Hacked Account Help – Facebook Hack Account Recovery | Hacked Facebook Account

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Facebook Hacked Account Help | How to recover your Facebook – Reports of hacked social media accounts are nothing new today. Studies have shown that more than 300,000 users get their accounts on Facebook hacked every day.

The source of this hack isn’t due to Facebook or its users. The problem mostly results from being uninformed about the latest security information.

Although few accounts have been hacked without access to any sensitive information, possessing said sensitive information to an account makes hacking it a cakewalk.

Most Facebook accounts that have been hacked happened as a result of users’ personal information leaks. Such info may include:

  • Log-in details (Username and Password)
  • Users’ security details

An activity that opens one’s account up to hacking is signing in with multiple devices. Signing in to your account using multiple devices in its way isn’t a bad thing, but it becomes unsafe when some of these devices are not yours, and you save your login details after signing in.

When someone has your info, he/she can easily take over your account without having the slightest idea about hacking.

If someone, by chance, knows your sign-in email alone, it is more than enough information to get your Facebook account hacked.

With access to your email account, all they need to do is visit Facebook sign-in page, input your email and deliberately enter the wrong password.

After this, Facebook will give them the “Forgot Password” option. With this option, they can change the password. However, it won’t be authenticated until it’s been verified.

Facebook will send a verification link to your email, and given that they have access to your email account, they can verify the password and take over your account.

Facebook Hacked Account Help

To eliminate the risk of being hacked, it is advised you beef up your account security with the two-step verification protocol in your account security settings.

Facebook is ready to help you fix any problem concerning your FB account. Knowing and implementing your security settings makes it even easier to recover your account.

To recover your hacked account, visit the Facebook Hacked Account Help Page (https://www.facebook.com/help/hacked)


How long does Facebook take to recover a hacked account?

Usually between one and two weeks (often times faster), in some cases without any complexity.

What is the very first thing you do when you get hacked?

Change your passwords right away.

Once you have learned about a data breach, if you notice abnormal activity in your accounts and believe you’ve been hacked, change your passwords immediately.

How can I change my Facebook password?

  • Select the upper right of Facebook.
  • Navigate down and select Settings, then select Security and login.
  • Select Password Change.
  • Input your current and new password and re-type the new password. Next, select Save Changes.


  1. My Facebook account was hacked few days ago and I have been trying to get it back but it is impossible please help me out

  2. Henry Lucas alexander.has hacked the postelweight account.and nothing can’t be done about it.please remove this person off Facebook for good.dont let them get away with it.its wrong

  3. My friends are receiving friend requests from me and it is not me. Itried to post copy of email I received but couldn’t. Please assist.

  4. No one will help us from FB. It’s sad that all of my family can vouch for me and my page. I even sent in my Drivers License but it stopped there. The Hacker replaced my email with his email and deleted my phone number. It sucks! If someone reading this knows how to help me, please reply.
    Best Regards
    My Hacked profile is https://www.facebook.com/eddie.b.connell


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