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Facebook Instant Messenger – Its Features Access

Facebook Instant Messenger

The Facebook instant messenger can be used to do a lot of things. The Facebook messenger is an app on different devices.

This app can be used on the web using your PC. Note that Facebook messenger can only be accessed on the web using PC.

For all other devices like iPad, iPhone, and even Android, you must install the official app. Now there are many messenger apps. Since inception, Facebook has introduced many other messaging apps similar to Facebook messenger. one of these apps is the Facebook messenger lite.

Features of the Facebook Instant Messenger

There are thousands of features that are packed into the Facebook messenger. One fact that you do not have a Facebook account can block you from accessing these features.

Facebook works hand in hand with the Facebook messenger. Without a Facebook account, it would be totally impossible to use Facebook messenger. Here are some of the features of the Facebook instant messenger.

Easily Send Pictures, Texts, and Video

Facebook Messenger allows users to send electronic files faster. Facebook messenger is the same time a group and one on one texting platform.

The Facebook messenger can be used to send photos and videos to groups and even individuals. This platform has built-in emoji’s, stickers and even GIFs. You could also delete text chats on your Facebook account using Facebook messenger.

Connect With Friends through Voice or Video Calls

Facebook messenger also allows all their users to connect with each other through voice or video calls. This can be done on either the app or the messenger web.

Challenge Friends through Messenger Games

There are millions of games on the Facebook messenger instant games platform. These games can be played by anyone who has the latest version of messenger on your device. These games were designed to keep Users Company when waiting or a message.

How to Access Facebook Messenger

Having read some of these features, you may wonder how to access the Facebook messenger app. The Facebook instant messenger can be accessed using the web messenger or the mobile app.

This is very important for you to know because a lot of people confuse it. When you log in to Facebook on the web, you would find a tab on the left sidebar named β€œmessenger”.

Click on it to access Facebook instant messenger on the web. For your other devices, download and install the app from you devise store.

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