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Speaking of the Facebook icon. Some users think that the Facebook icon was an app or what you can find on the Facebook platform.

You can’t find this inside the Facebook platform, neither is it any of the Facebook features. The Facebook icon is another thing entirely that cannot be seen in the platform. The icon in this article is known as an image.

This is the image representation of Facebook. That is why, whenever you want to access the Facebook platform or want to download a Facebook app to your device. What makes you recognize it that this app is the Facebook app is the icon or image of Facebook.

Before now you know who invented the Facebook platform. The Facebook icon was created by a designer named Eric Olson.

This is the letter {F} that you see on your device menu or homepage or when you want to download the Facebook to your device is there to stand for the word Facebook.


This is very important to users or people that do not have Facebook on their devices and want to download the Facebook app on their device.

It helps to recognize the Facebook app. When someone wants to download the app into his or her device. Without the icon, nobody will know if there are a social media called Facebook.

This tool makes Facebook be more attractive to people or social media users. In the sense that, when you first see this icon which is the letter {F}, you will like to download the app and want to see what the app does.

The Facebook icon, in general, helps users recognize Facebook. this icon symbolizes facebook in total.

How to Download Facebook via Web Browsers

You can download Facebook or Facebook icon on any of the web browser like opera mini, chrome, google play store, app stores. If you want to download it with a web browser.

  • First, you launch any of the above web browsers or stores.
  • Then search for the name “download Facebook” on the search box
  • After searching for the name, click any link that you want to download from.
  • Then click the download button to proceed to the download part.

How to Download Facebook Using App Stores

  • Lunch your google play store or any of the app stores on your device.
  • Search the name “Facebook” inside the search box.
  • After opening the page, click the Facebook.
  • Then click download or install chose to the app or scroll down.

All these steps that you see above will give you direct access to how you can download a Facebook app.

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