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Facebook Business Account | Setting Up Facebook for Business

Facebook Business Account

Facebook business account, are free accounts, offered to users, who desire to transact business using the Facebook platform and enables you to share with the world what you have to offer with it’s teaming billions of online users.

Facebook Business Account

Once you create a Facebook Business Account, you can easily engage with your customers and prospects, and take your local business to your next desired level.

Facebook Business Account Creation Tips

Before you head right on, to create a Facebook Business Account,  here are some things to note.

  • Facebook Business Accounts are free
  • You can only have one account. This implies that if you already have a personal Facebook account, you will have to create a business account off that page.
  • If you create more than one account, Facebook has the right to disable or delete one or both accounts.

Facebook Business Account Benefits

  • It serves as a channel of interaction for small local businesses, enabling interactions between customers and prospects.
  • Facebook enables businesses to share updates with followers several times a day.
  • You can use Facebook Business to engage with your community and customer base, by asking questions, making observations, as well as serving polls.
  • Enjoy a low cost way to share information about your business, including current product or service offers, staffing news, contests and promotions.

How to Set Up Facebook Business Account

Few steps have been provided, to help you successfully create a Facebook Business Account , to successfully engage your business.

  • The first thing to do,  is create a personal Facebook account if you do not have one already. Facebook, links all Facebook business pages, and fan pages to at least one personal Facebook account.
  • Set up your Facebook business account, by scrolling to the “Create a page” section of Facebook.
  • Some of these questions are; Business category, Business name, and Phone number.
  • Immediately your page has been created, you are to choose a profile picture,  which will appear on your page, and serves as the icon close to each item you post from your business account. design a cover photo (large header image), which displays something that will relate with your customers and prospects. Some of these options includes a collage of the products you produce, your logo or something that evokes your place in the community.
  • Lastly, to grow your network and increase engagement, you are to invite all of your current customers, friends, and community members to like your new fan page.

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