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Facebook Avatar Creator Setup – Start Making Making Free Fb Avatars

facebook avatar settings
famclam facebook avatar

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Recently, Facebook rolled out a new feature known as the Facebook avatar. With this feature, Facebook allows its users in Britain, US and New Zealand to create an avatar of themselves that they can use for various activities on Facebook.

facebook avatar settings
famclam facebook avatar

We just learnt of some of the things that just make the newly launched Facebook avatar feature outstanding is that you can use it as your profile picture on Facebook.

You can also use the Facebook avatar as stickers to respond to comment or share them as your Facebook stories.

Finally, you can share the Facebook avatar with your friends and relatives on other social media platforms.

Like I mentioned above, this feature is relatively new, hence, not many persons know how to use the Facebook avatar.

If you will like to learn how to create an avatar with the Facebook avatar feature, this article will guide you on how to do just that.

Before we get started, you must know that the Facebook feature can be created using either an Android device, iOS, and even a laptop computer.

 Facebook Avatar for Andriod and iOS

First, be sure that you have the updated Facebook for Android or iOS device since the Avatar creator feature is available on the existing Facebook account.

To create a Facebook avatar with your iOS and Android device, please follow the steps below.

  • Go to your Facebook app on your iOS or Android devices
  • Go to your settings page and press the three lines setting button
  • Scroll down and press See More
  • Expand that and inside of “Expand more” menus, you should see the buttons written avatar”

If you can’t find it, it means that the Avatar feature isn’t available in your location yet.

However, if you can find it, then continue below.

Click the Avatar button, you will be taken to the page where you will be asked to personalize your avatar,

Go on to click the ‘Next’ button.

Press ‘Get Started

Customizing the Facebook Avatar

Now, you will have to customize it based on what you like.

Now, go ahead and choose your skin tone, head shape, hairstyle; Shot, medium of long. There are several options available for different head styles.

Your gender is set already through your Gender settings on your Facebook profile

Now, go ahead and choose your favorite outfit from the list of outfits out there in the app.

Once you are done, click done at the top of the app and check the complete button.

Now, your newly created avatar will be displayed on your screen.

Like I mentioned above, there are many ways to use the Facebook avatar.

In the next section, I will show you how to use Facebook Avatar.

How to use Avatar as a Post

You can share your newly created Avatar as your Facebook post. You can also use it as your profile picture.

Whichever one you wish to do is entirely up to you.

However, if you choose to share it on your Facebook feed, simply click on the Share Your avatar to your Feed link.

You can also click on the Share as a Post. The option is entirely yours.

How to Use Facebook Avatar as a Comment

Like I mentioned earlier, you also get the option of using your Facebook avatar to comment on a post.

To do that, simply follow the steps below.

  • Go to the comment section of the post you wish to comment on.
  • Look out for the little smiley face of the options
  • If you have avatar active on your Facebook, you should be able to see the avatar option below the options,
  • Click on and chose from the list of your different avatars.
  • Select one of those avatars, it will then bring an avatar response,
  • Then go ahead and click sends

This will then create a comment using your customized avatar.

That’s all on how to make a Facebook avatar. I hope this article helps.



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