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Payoneer Sign Up – Payoneer Login – How To Create Payoneer Account


In this post, I’m going to share with you a guide on Payoneer Sign up and also show you how to go about Payoneer login. In other words, this guide centers on how to create a Payoneer account and also how to sign in Payoneer to access your account after Payoneer registration.

Just like Paypal account, Payoneer is one of the most popular money transfer platforms which lets you send or transfer and receive money with ease.

If your work is truly based online, then you may need to get a Payoneer account as this enables you get all your payments from any part of the country. Whether you are freelancer on Fiverr, Upword, or your a webmaster or SEO expert, an affiliate you will definitely need a method of payment for your money at the end of your hard ork and Payoneer account is one way to get this conveniently.

But before this can happen you have to complete Payoneer sign up and then always use Payoneer login to access your account for all payment activities. So if you really want to learn how to create Payoneer account, do read on.

Payoneer Sign Up – How to create a Payoneer Account

Follow these steps below to complete a Payoneer account registration;

1. From your browser, go to www.payoneer.com

And the payoneer website will open up for you to get started.

2. Click on “Sign Up” which is at the upper right hand corner of the Payoneer website homepage. And the Payoneer sign up form will shown for you begin the registration.

3. Fill in the Payoneer account registration form by providing the following information;

Firstly, choose between individual or company Payoneer account sign up and then fill the form by entering the following;

  • Your First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address. Also re-enter your email address in the next field as shown in the image above
  • Also enter your date of birth.

4. Click on “Next” and the next step is to provide your contact details. It is good you pay attention to this section and ensure you enter your address details correctly. And the following details are required;

  • Your country
  • Street Address
  • City
  • Postal/Zip Code

And finally, choose and enter your phone number.

5. Click on “Next” button to go to the security details section. This is very important as Payoneer uses this to protect you from malicious attempts on your Payonner account.

In this Payoneer sign up page section you have to provide and enter the following details;

  • Your Username
  • Enter a password
  • Re-enter Password (in the next field below)
  • Choose a security question and provide an answer to the question

6. Click on the “Next” button to go the next step of the Payoneer sign up account registration. In this section you have to provide a means of identification (this is usually a government ID.

Thus, select the type of government ID, enter your name as appears on the ID provided by your country and also the country of issue. All these information are on the ID Card you are providing.

7. The last stage on how to register Payoneer account or complete Payoneer sign up is where you have to provide an alternate shipping address. This is important in case something happens to your address, then your MC will be automatically be shipped to the alternate address.

Also agree to Payoneer privacy policy by ticking the small box close the each conditions. Also agree to the terms and conditions and other conditions and then click on “Order”. This will automatically set up your Payoneer account successfully and that’s all on Payoneer sign up.

Payoneer Login – How To Sign In Your Payoneer Account

After creating your Payoneer account, you can always use this process below to login your Payoneer account;

1. Go to payoneer.com

2. Click on “Login“ – It is at the up right hand corner of the home page, just close to the Payoneer “Sign Up” button.

3. Enter your login details which include;

  • Your Payoneer Username
  • Your Payoneer password

4. Click on “Sign In” (which is the red button) to login your Payoneer account.

Some Important Benefits Of Payoneer Account

When you sign up a Payoneer account, this gives you opportunity to enjoy so many benefits which Payoneer has to offer you.

Below are few benefits of Payoneer you have to know;

1. Payoneer lets you receive payments into your Payoneer account from different platforms like Fiverr, Up Word, Freelancer etc.

2. In addition receiving money or payment with Payoneer, you can also send out money to your clients.

3. If you want to have a bank account in the US, then you can also have one by creating a virtual bank service in your Payoneer account.

4. The most striking feature of Payoneer is that you can also earn money from its affiliate and Refer a friend programs.

Let us know your opinion on this helpful tips about to how create a Payoneer account. Also share this Payoneer sign up guide with friends on your social media.


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