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Live Chat App – How to Download Live Chat App | Live Chat Pricing


Live Chat App – How to Download Live Chat App | Live Chat Pricing – Today what we are going to be discussing today is all about live chat app, what is your own ideal consigning the topic we have right here on this article today. All I want from each and everyone who is presently reading this article, you just have to stick to this article for you to get more info’s about the topic that I have at the top.

Live Chat App

Speaking of live chat app or live chatting apps, your mind should be able to take you to other chatting apps out there. You should know that there are so many live chatting apps in the world that can be used to make live video chats. Talking of live chat, it actually talking about live video calls and instant messaging chatting apps which we are going to be looking into very soon. What I want to discuss here is not talking about the live chat app that we all do normally know of which are social communication media.

Talking of live chat, it is a platform of his own that deals with business purposes. We also have so many of them, you will find out about them later on. Like I said that live chat is a platform of his own and that it deals with business communication services. live chat app or live chat allow you to engage with your customers whenever you are with live chat and it can be used on Android and iOS devices. For every business with a website, that business needs a tool to communicate with his customers and one of those tools is the live chat app or live chat.

There are lots of people who rely on live chat in their daily or everyday duties and they are over 28,000 of them. They have four different services that they render to whosoever want any of the services. They render service for the starter, team, business, and also enterprise service. Each of these services has its own pricing, below this paragraph I am going to be listing out each of the pricing services for this platform.

Live Chat Pricing

Like I said above that I will be listing out the pricing list for this platform and here they are right on this paragraph. You will find the list of the pricing download here.

  • The starter plan service is $16 per month.
  • We also have the team service plan and we have $33 per month.
  • Then the business plan service is $50 monthly and the last one.
  • Enterprise plan, for you to see the enterprise plan pricing you have to contact them before you can apply for the enterprise service.

These are the list of the pricing rates for live chat and there are some other features you will find under each of this pricing list when you access the pricing page. Now, let talk about the app.

App for Live Chat

The live chat app is a mobile app that can be used to access the website because the website for this platform is www.livechatinc.com. But with the app, you can access their service without accessing it through a web browser. The app is downloadable and you can find the app on your app stores, the app can also be used on desktop, mobile, and web which you already know about the website now.

How to Download

Now, if I may ask how can you download this app into your devices. To download this app, you can use two different ways. Either you download it from your mobile Appstore of you are using a smartphone or you access their website using the URL given above. To download it onto your smartphone.

    • You just have to access the app store on your smartphone be it android or iOS device.
    • Search for the name “Live chat” and then click the first app with the letter “L” and “C”.
  • Then click the download or install button you see on it.

These are how you can download the app from your Appstore on your smartphone. But if you want to download it from the website directly, you have to access the website using www.livechatinc.com and then scroll down and you will see the download link for desktop, mobile, and also how you can sign up for free using the web. But know that before you can use access to this platform fully, you have to sign up.

How to Sign Up

This is the last part of the article, here we are going to be talking about the sign-up process how you can sign up on this platform before you can use it for your live communication.

  • Access the app or visit livechatinc.com and then click the sign-up free button on the homepage.
  • Enter your full name, business email, create your password, your website, and your mobile number.
  • When you are done with all the steps, click the create account button you see below and once you are through, your account will be created and you can start using it.

These are the steps on how you can sign up for a new account. But if you already have an account with them, you just have to click the login button on the homepage and enter your account details. The app can also be used to sign up or login if you are using the live chat app.

Other Live Chat Apps that You Can Use

I mention something about the other live chat apps, that there are also other live chat apps that can be used to communicate with your customers. I have the list of them below here;

  • We have tawk.to.
  • We also have smartsupp.
  • LiveHelpNow.
  • Olark.
  • SnapEngage.
  • HubSpot.
  • Chatilo.
  • LiveAgent.

These are so of the other live chat apps that you can also use to communicate with your customers.


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