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How to Locate Marketplace Facebook – Facebook Marketplace Buy Sell Nearby Me 

As a seller on Facebook Marketplace, you are expected to detail the things you sell so people around you (especially buyers/customers) can find you.

This Facebook platform is arranged in a way that only buyers and sellers who stay closer or nearer to one another can trade.

This is how advanced Facebook Marketplace has gone. This makes trading safe and convenient. Don’t disturb yourself, trying to get clients.

Once a customer visits and he or she shows interest in your item, the seller is quickly notified.

The rest has to do with the bargain between you and your client.

To locate the Marketplace on Facebook, kindly follow these steps and guide:

1. Log in to your Facebook Account using your FB App.

2. Click or tap on the Shopfront Icon located on your FB Newsfeed

How to Buy in the Marketplace

First, this is how you buy in Facebook Marketplace:
• Get in the Facebook Marketplace
• Choose the item you desire to purchase
• Click “MESSAGE”
• Send the seller a message for purchase

How about if I want to sell items?

If you are interested in selling anything, click the “Sell Something” button, and after that, click “Item for Sale.”

Lastly, input all the required details of the product and place it under a category.


  1. How can I get read with all the new and will ship I’m not interested in those things all I want to see are used items for sale


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