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Facebook Video Chat | Video Calling On Facebook


Facebook video chat, is designed to help you chat with your friends on Facebook for free, by using either the Facebook website or the Messenger app and comes in handy, for those who live far away from each other and, is also one of the easiest ways, to have a face to face video calls with your Facebook friends, at no cost.

Facebook Video Chat Benefits

  • Connect with your friends in real time with your Facebook friends, whether they are using a smartphone, a tablet, or just a computer.
  • Offers great HD video and great audio quality
  • Facebook video chat app is available for other smartphones, and can also be used through any web browser
  • With this app, you have free unlimited video calling to other VideoCalls.io users
  • Gives you access to User names, and password
  • Has an easy and simple to use interface
  • The app, is optimized for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad/iPad Mini

With all these benefits outlined, let’s see how this unique app works;

How Facebook Video Chat Works

Chatting is easy. You do not need an additional software to chat with this app.

Starting Facebook Video Chat on Mobile Device

  •   First,  open a conversation, with the person you desire to video chat with
  • Then, tap on the video chat button at the top of the conversation
  • Wait, for the other person to respond
  • Finally, click on the camera swap button, to switch between the front and rear cameras. Once you adhere to these steps, Facebook video chat is in full swing. You can now connect with your friends, in real time.

How to begin a Facebook Video Chat using the Facebook Website

  • Start, by connecting a webcam to your computer
  • Then, open the chat menu on the Facebook website. It is advised that you use either chrome, Firefox, or Opera, because video calling, is not supported in Internet Explorer, Safari or Edge.
  • Choose your video chat recipient, that you wish to video chat with
  • Click on the video chat button
  • At this stage, you are to allow Facebook access your webcam
  • Once you take all the aforementioned steps, you are to wait for the other person, to pick up. Once your recipient answers, your Facebook video chat starts in earnest.

Start chatting with your friends, with just a click of the button straight from Facebook, and have fun time with those you love.


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