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How to Remove A Page From Facebook


How to Remove A Page from My Facebook Account – How to Delete a FB Business Page On Android

Deleting or removing a Facebook page from your FB account is something quite easy, and I promise you will really find it more interestingly easy. Some years ago, I was into creating Facebook pages with brandable username – thinking I could raise some money selling it to brand owners, but it never happened – so, I lost interest and started removing each one of them one after the other.

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It was difficult at first because I, for one, didn’t know where to find nor locate the remove Facebook page option. Hence, I’m gonna show you how I deleted mine, and you too can delete yours.


How to delete a FB Page Permanently and Immediately

If you have fully made up your mind to let go of your Facebook account, then you must check to see that you are the admin of the page you plan to delete, you’ll need an admin login privilege of that particular page you wish to get rid of. If you are sure you own that page, then follow the steps underlined below to remove your FB page easily.

How to remove an FB Page From Account

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page
  2. From General, click Remove Page
  3. Click Delete [Page name]
  4. Click Delete Page and then click OK
Also, keep in mind your Page won’t be permanently deleted until 14 days has elapsed, but you can unpublish your Page at any time.

How to cancel or Undo Facebook Page deletion

Follow the tips below to cancel your FB page deletion:
  1. Go to your Page within 14 days of scheduling to delete your Page
  2. Click Cancel Deletion at the top of your Page
  3. Click Confirm and then click OK
Note: In the case where you can’t find the delete option on your FB Page, make certain that you’re truly an admin of that Page.
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