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Messenger for Android is a common chat messaging app. It was formerly known as Facebook chat, but later in 2010, it was announced as Messenger.

Over these years, the Facebook social media platform has announced and launched a lot of amazing apps, and now it has currently launched the messaging platform separately from the main Facebook app.

This Messenger app is referred to as an official app of Facebook that allows a whole lot of users to chat and interact with others right on their Android devices.

This app works with the Facebook app and users who make use of this app are entitled to the ability to send and receive messages from other users, share and receive photos and videos, make use of fun stickers for conversations, and so much more activities that go on within this app.

Using this app, you get connected to other users from around and all over the world. Your friends on the platform are always displayed in a list, and all you have to do is just tap on a friend to begin a conversation.

Features of Messenger for Android

Messenger for Android has been improving from time to time. And it also stands as a leader for other messaging platforms, as it enhances its strength with the Facebook experience.

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With the video and voice calling feature, the quick sharing of media features, the chat list, and other added applications, such as the emoticon, GIFs and Facebook messenger games, there is just so much to do on this Messenger for Android app.

Now let us get to see more light on the amazing features contained in this app.

  • Chat and messaging – now you have been relieved off the stress of exchanging mobile phone numbers, you can easily send and receive messages across and worldwide – from anyone and at anywhere.
  • Emojis, GIFs and fun stickers – if you do not really want to type a message, you can show your reaction or expression by making use of fun stickers, GIFs, and emojis, in order to show your reaction at the moment.
  • Photos and videos – you can surely speak out more with your photos and videos. With this app, you are able to capture amazing moments with the camera available on the app. You can capture your pictures or videos, and share to your timeline or to other friends on the app.
  • Make use of the video call or voice call feature – you can hang out with your amazing friends by getting along together using the feature of the voice and video calls right on the app. You can make regular calls and engage in face to face conversations with others.
  • Get on with messenger games – you can play arcades and demo, climb boards and explore more sessions within the game.
  • Engage in group conversations and lots more.

How to Download and Install Messenger for Android

Messenger for Android app is one that has been on the run together with other top messaging apps.

And if you are the type familiar with the app, then you should know that this Messenger for Android app allows you to send and receive messages, and engage in so many other features listed above. you make use of this app using your mobile data connection.

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The Messenger for Android is open and available to anyone. However, this app was designed and introduced by the Facebook app, you really do not need to have a Facebook account to access this chat and messaging app.

So, getting started on this app, actually means you can contact people, share photos and videos, and make messenger calls.

All that you need is having the app and having a contact list on the app, then you can get started. Do you want to know how you can download and install Messenger for Android into your Android device, then read on!

How to Download

  • Open the Google Play Store in your Android device.
  • On the store page, click on the search box.
  • In the search box, type in Messenger and enter.
  • A result of apps will be shown to you. Click on the Messenger app and hit the Install button.
  • Click on Accept
  • Wait for the download process to finish. Once it is done, click on Open.
  • After you have opened the app, you will be asked to log in – if you have a Facebook account, then log in using your Facebook details. And you do not have an account, click on the “Not on Facebook?” button and create a messenger account.
  • You will be given on-screen instructions, follow them and log in with your mobile number or email.

And you are done! You can get started by connecting with close friends, family and other people on the platform.

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