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Facebook Notification Settings

Facebook Notification Settings

Learn how to adjust your Facebook account notification settings with our fail-proof process.

Facebook notifications allow users to get notified of any activity on their Facebook account.

If you wish to modify your Facebook settings, then this article is for you.

  1. Click Menu in the top right of any page on Facebook and select Settings
  2. Click Notifications on the left
  3. Scroll down to How You Get Notifications
  4. Click Browser
  5. Below Sound, click next to the notification type to turn the sound on or off
To choose what you’re notified about in a group:
  1. From your News Feed click Groups in the left menu and select your group.
  2. Click Notifications below the cover photo.
From here, you can select:
  • All Posts: You’ll get notifications any time members post in the group.
  • Highlights: You’ll get notifications for suggested posts and posts from your friends.
  • Friends’ Posts: You’ll get notifications whenever your friends post.
  • Off: You won’t get notifications when members post.
Note: When you join a group, its notification setting will be set to Highlights by default.
  1. Click Menu in the top right of Facebook, then click Settings.
  2. Click Apps and Websites in the left menu.
  3. Scroll down to Preferences.
  4. Click on Edit under Game and App Notifications.
  5. Click Turn On or Turn Off to set the notifications for the app or game.

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