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Facebook Messenger Dark Mode | Facebook Dark Mode On


Let your messenger take a new look with Facebook messenger dark mode, a unique appearance that changes the way your Facebook and messenger appears. Want your Facebook Messenger stand out from other people’s?

Then, it is time to go for the Facebook Messenger Dark Mode. More people are using the theme day by day, and it is a theme you wouldn’t want to miss out on, without giving it a try.

It is so appealing to the sight and friends will definitely ask you which platform are you on, without knowing it is still the same Facebook but just that you are using the Facebook messenger dark mode which OLED black theme offers.

Meanwhile, all Facebook working features remain the same even as you go for this unique theme, the only that changes is the appearance.

With this, there is absolutely nothing to fear trying out this theme. Actually, this mode isn’t available for all versions and that is why you need to do an upgrade

If you are making use of the versions in which you have this setting, don’t blame yourself for not knowing because it’s kind of hidden.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode Feature

This theme is an OLED black theme that appears very real and beautiful. Before you are given access to this theme, you must be making use of FB Messenger version and above.

So, if you are not, it’s time to step up your game by updating yours. To switch from the default theme to the OLED black theme (Facebook Dark Mode) kindly follow these steps:

1. Log in your Facebook Messenger
2. At the top of your page, click on your profile picture (located at the top left corner)
3. You would then be introduced to “Settings” where you can simply switch to the Dark Mode

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